logo design tutorial

How To Design Your Own Logo “Standard No Adjustment Needed”

Logo design is not a strange issue for us today. Because of its necessity in many fields such as: marketing, communication, events, etc. However, not everyone has the skills to design beautiful logos. If you are a "rookie", don't worry, the following article will share with you how to design a beautiful standard logo yourself.

logo design tutorial
How To Design Your Own Logo “Standard No Adjustment Needed”

Standard steps to design your own logo

Here are 4 steps for you to design your own logo:

1. Ideas for logo design

Design is a field that requires good aesthetics and creative thinking. Therefore, if you possess these properties, the idea of designing a logo becomes even simpler.

If you have spent too much time but have not thought of an idea for your logo, do not hesitate to refer to different beautiful and unique logo templates to build your own new idea.

logo design ideas
 Brainstorm logo design ideas

2. Adhere to all design principles

The field of logo design as well as other fields has its own principles. The fact that you need to adhere to the principles given will help you avoid unexpected problems such as: No design copyright protection, duplicate ideas, not showing the message you want to convey through the logo, etc.

3. Sketch your logo

Sketching it out on paper is considered the fastest way to jot down the ideas that come to your mind. In addition, sketching will give you a clear view of the design you have in mind, making it easy to choose.

You can make sketches like this:

– B1: Cross out the features that your logo needs to have

– B2: Sketch on paper every idea that pops into your head when thinking of the recorded characteristics.

– B3: Choose an idea that you find suitable, convey information, ideas do not overlap, ….

– B4: Refer to the images related to the idea you have just chosen to develop it.

– B5: Sketch in detail on the logo template you just designed.

logo sketch
Sketch your logo

4. Design logo by computer

With this step, you scan your sketch on the computer. Next let's redraw the basic strokes using Adobe Illustrator.

Choose the font of the brand name that matches the logo. This step is extremely important because if the font does not match, it will ruin the whole design. You should not choose a font that is too complicated if the logo has icons.

After choosing the font, write the brand name and place it next to the logo. So you basically have the right design pattern. Next, please adjust the following for all elements of the name, symbol, ... to be more harmonious and linked together.

After finishing editing, your final step is to choose a color for the logo. You should try with many different colors to be able to choose the most suitable and beautiful color. The color of the logo will also depend on the message and meaning you want to convey.

Check out online logo design tools 

After you have mastered the basic steps to design your own logo, please refer to today's popular logo design tools.

Logo design with logaster

Logaster is considered a very popular logo design tool. Owning a very diverse design library, you only need to follow these simple steps to design yourself a unique logo:

– B1: Go to website logaster.com

– B2: At the homepage, select the “create logo” section, you will access the free logo creation section

– B3: Enter your brand name here then click “create logo”

– B4: Based on the brand name you just entered, Logaster will choose and offer the most suitable logo templates for you.

– B5: Download the design you have chosen (you will be able to download a small sample for free, if you want to download a larger size, you will be charged)

logo design with logaster
Logo design with logaster

Logo Design with Canva

Canva is one of the most popular and popular tools today. With extremely flexible customization capabilities, and bringing very unique designs are considered the advantages of this tool. However, Canva is different from the logaster in that it only supports you to implement the idea without providing a ready-made template.

To design your own logo via canva, do the following:

– B1: create an account to log in to the canva website.

– Step 2: Select “Create a design” to create a design logo template.

– B3: Select the logo theme you want to design, look through the suggested templates.

– B4: Choose to include the elements you want in your logo (image, background, icon, ..)

– B5: After completing the logo, select “download” to download.

In addition to the two tools above, you can also refer to other logo design tools such as: Free Logo Design, ...

logo design with canvas
Logo Design with Canva

Here is all the information about design logo, as well as guide you how design your own logo for myself. Based on computers and online design tools, hopefully you will design your own unique and impressive logo.