Travel Agency Logo Design

Today travel company logo design are interested. With the current economic development, people are looking for more than just food and drink. They also want to go on vacation- which is where all those new travel agencies will come in handy!

When a company has a professional logo, they can better express their message and impressing customers. A more appealing design will help promote an image for your brand that resonates with people in the marketplace today

So How to desgin a beautiful logo? Which factors should you pay attention to?

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Travel Agency Logo Design

Resort logo

Resort logo

Tourism logo

Simple modern travel logo


Simple travel logo

Tour business logo


Blue travel logo

Travel company logo

How to design a travel logo

Blue travel logo

Minimalist travel logo

12 beautiful travel agency logo designs



Travel Agency

With the tourism industry related to hotels, resorts want customers to relax and rest in their best way. That's why colors like blue green red soup can make people feel at home when designing logos for this field; it creates an atmosphere that promotes relaxation The output should be friendly yet professional

If you want to develop a friendly and welcoming destination for tourists, consider which colors suit your feng shui best.


When it comes to making sure your logo stands out, you can't go wrong with the help of these symbols. They're not only popular among travel agencies but also create excellent branding opportunities for any business looking into more personalization options!


Travel agency

The right font can make or break your design, but many companies do not know this. A typeface should be soft and easy on customers' eyes to help them feel the professionalism of an industry they are aiming for.

Here are some tips when you design logo, Travel agency is a big business. If you want your logo to be designed in a professional way, please contact Banoca for the best advice. Hotline: 091.129.5102