Designing logos based on fonts, also known as stylized letters, Usually we think of colors and images in graphic design, especially in logos. But word logo Design factor is equally important. In fact, many of the company's logos are iconic based on typography. If a logo has a business name, its design success depends on clever use in the logo design.


Thanks to something called the preeminent effect of the picture, people have ability to recall visual stimuli more than anything else. If you want your brand to be remembered, you need to enhance its visual appeal and that's where typography psychology comes in.

Before we dive into details typography in logo design and graphic design and how font psychology can impact your customers and partners, why certain typefaces have such a significant emotional appeal.

It is difficult to design a text logo without paying attention to the symbol FedEx FedExDesigned in 1994, logo FedEx hasn't changed much throughout the years, serving as proof that simple yet smart type-based logos can continue to be as effective as decades pass. One of the most engaging parts of using a stylized font forms an arrow in the space between E and X, demonstrating the company's commitment to prompt deliveries.

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You may have noticed the inherent influence of different fonts in the past. For example, if you see a finance company with a comic book illustrated logo, you will probably comment on how unprofessional the business looks. However, if you see same brand name is designed with fonts Traditionally, you will immediately feel a higher level of confidence.

According to the Gestalt theory collapsed. When we humans see a group of objects, we recognize them all before we look at separate objects. We see the whole more than we see all the objects, and even when the parts are divided apart, we still see in a way that we assemble them as a whole. So lettering logo allows us to focus on the brand in the best way that is easiest to remember.


In logos, this means that colors, shapes and even fonts need to work together and link together in harmony, while rendering unique corporate values. Even if you get your brand name, color, and even the logo around your logo completely correct - wrong fonts can destroy your brand's credibility.

Logo letters are ingrained in consumers' minds.

Its logo design makes it easy for users to remember, deep in mind, promotes a sense of class, makes the brand ideal, feels professional, in the right field. Due to the traditional nature of the letter logo, the letter logo brings a sense of trust and respect, the logo is perfect for a brand identity revolving around authority and greatness.

Generally speaking, Typographic Logo Design is most used by companies that want to make an impact on the market, with innovative new ideas or visual products. Lowercase logos are used by car and technology brands that want to put confidence in their customers, while at the same time showcasing some modern innovation. 

Only a trained and experienced graphic designer can incorporate that perfect font in a design. An ingenious designer who understands how to create shapes different from a regular typeface can create a unique design. For example, many symbols give a new look to classical letters. Logo HONDA'S MOTOBIKE is one of the prime examples of how a Typographic Logo can create a brand identity. According to the business, a strong lettering logo is one of the key tips for an award-winning logo design. This is mainly because the typeface itself influences the viewer's imagination as a materialized image.

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