2021 logo design trends

2021 logo design trends

Entering a new year, this is an ideal time for us to come together to review logo design trends that are storming the internet.

Similar to the fashion industry, logo design is one of the fields in need of constant change and change to keep up with the trends of the times. There are years when people will use some colors as their main design, others will focus on the shape of the logo. And like classic handbags or fine wine bottles, today's rising logo designs are styles that evoke old beauty but never be afraid of being outdated.

If you are in the process of designing your own logo, remember: there will be logos that are of timeless value but a few others will need to change to meet customer expectations. It's true that a unique logo can help your brand resonate, but you also need to pay close attention to constantly updating the trend and innovating it, otherwise your business will be perceived as outdated. and lagging backwards.

So if you want to create an outstanding logo that can compete with competitors in the market, or simply want to find inspiration to unleash your creativity, please check out design trends. prominently in 2021 below.

1. Logo inspired by nature

igp logo design

Experiencing a year of 2020 with many changes that most of the time we have to stay indoors, 2021 towards a brighter future, which is a theme of nature, with hashtag #tongmauthiennhien.

Nature-inspired designs provide a feeling of purity, peace, and harmony. In many designs that use the main image of a tree or simply a leaf, natural colors like green or brown give inspiration for the intact nature.

In general, no matter what element or color you choose, this trend will make your logo look sharp and balanced as well as create familiarity and intimacy for your viewers.

2. Simple geometric logo

logo design of young asean millionaires

Modern designers love to use icons for logo design, and this trend is expected to explode this year.

The simple geometric logo is one of the popular forms of this style. It contributes to honor the serenity and leanness but still shows the message that businesses want to send to customers. In particular, with the geometric logo styles, we can make the logo engraved stamps to close on the text while maintaining the original design.

3. Combine soothing colors

noodle shop logo design

Using monochrome, neutral or colorless colors is predicted to be one of the trends in logo design this year.

A simple, light color palette can give you the freedom to express your creativity, instead of being dependent on overly bright colors that go with frills. Colorful logos will be suitable for some brands, but sometimes will create a feeling of over-exaggeration, causing loss of sympathy for the viewer.

Conversely, when mixing monochrome colors, your design focuses more on fonts or icons. Since the element of color can give an overall consistency, the logo will look softer, more serene, and sharper.

Neutral colors provide a sense of security. Keep in mind one important thing, since after 2020, people tend to search for trustworthy brands. So take advantage of the times, use gentle colors to attract customers.

4. Use glitch effect (picture noise) or static motion

Coninco building logo design

While we hate to admit it, 2020 was truly a year for Tiktok's throne, and with that comes the tendency to use the glitch effect.

And it is possible that this trend will continue to lead in 2021. The noise effect reminds us of the nostalgia of the old television images, but also creates inspiration for the waves. New creative waves in the future.

Whether you work in traditional photography or in high-tech industries, glitch effects fulfill your needs.

Through logos that are static, but appear to be in motion, let your customers feel the powerful energy of your brand and the message you want to convey.

5. Modern design with cartoon drawings

obd logo design

Cartoon pictures often remind us of lightness and joy, because most of everyone's childhood is associated with them. Therefore, cartoon logo design is seen as a special solution to hit viewers' psychology.

Many businesses choose a "mascot" to represent their brand and that strategy works very well. This not only gives fresh breath to an old logo, but also allows for great variety.

You can also design a logo that is a combination of character and text, then you can personalize your business card with text and print the character's image on a t-shirt to make a uniform for the character. tablets.

In addition, you can personalize your character and edit video clips for that character, then promote on social networking sites.

Think about how a character can help you build a brand, then move on in the right direction and grow it. This design trend will help you stand out from the crowd and stand out from your competition.

6. Use outlined letters or text

daesun interior logo design

Text logo designs give customers a sense of reliability. Today, with the development of the graphic industry as well as the freedom to create fonts, typographic logos have made new breakthroughs.

This year, we observe that there are many brands that use minimalistic designs, either with the use of deflection techniques or the use of negative spaces.

Missing parts of letters or words create a sense of mystery and contribute to grab the attention of the audience. However, you need to make sure that your design is still readable, don't overdo this technique too much.

Another creative way from this cool design is to play with the negative space of the design, so that when looking at it, customers can immediately recall the brand's features. For example, the FedEx brand logo, there is an arrow in the negative space between the letter E and the letter X.

7. Logo gradient (color switching)

CIBA logo design

When it comes to gradient trends in logo design, I want you to get rid of thinking that this technique uses only one tone consisting of similar colors. One of the most popular uses of gradients in logo design this year, is the combination of bright, vibrant colors that are pleasing and harmonious.

And to take your gradient logo to the next level, why not try 3D design? Use shadows and lights to accentuate your gradient style.

There is no need for a logo design with millions of colors, just choose 2 colors, the 2 most suitable colors to express who you are as well as your brand. Then blend them to create a new look for your website, t-shirt, or even your hairstyle.

If this style suits your needs, enjoy it and play with it! Let your inner rainbow shine in your new logo design.

From natural tones to still motion designs, there are plenty of styles worth trying out if you want refresh your logo. In your opinion, which trend will last until after 2021?