Logo design tips

5 Must-know Tips On Logo Design

One of the most important steps a business will take before it goes public is to have a strong brand identity. And this step usually starts with creating a striking logo.

While this is only a small part of your branding, your logo can tell a lot about your business. Customers will know who you are, your business and what market you want to target.

The first impression of a logo will shape the way viewers think about your brand. The next important thing is to ensure that your business is always in the best performing state so that you will be able to turn your visitors into customers.

How to make your logo attractive and memorable while conveying the value of the business to customers? In the next part of this article, we will give you 5 important things to know before proceeding with logo design for your company. These tips will make the design process much easier afterward. Come on, let's find out together!

Understand your brand

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Logo design is not simply about choosing colors, fonts or icons to create a representative image of your business.

To create a logo that is both outstanding and breakthrough, you first need to have a thorough understanding of your business as well as the target audience you are targeting.

The next important thing is that you have to clearly define what message you want to convey through the logo, the consumer trends of the industry in which you are operating ... colors, fonts and icons accordingly.

In addition, understanding the brand is the first step to creating a complete brand identity, in which the logo is the face that represents the business.

Once you have an idea of a clear brand image, start building an impressive logo to attract customers at first sight.

Understand the meaning of the logo

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An image has the value of thousands of words, so a logo is the first thing that most potential customers will notice when they find your company.

In addition to understanding your brand thoroughly, you also need to know what the logo you create conveys. Try asking questions and finding answers for them yourself:

  • Does it provide any information?
  • Will it include words or images, or both?

Every aspect of a logo, from color to font, can provide a wealth of information about your company's business goals.

For example, red and orange evoke dynamism and boldness, green and blue evoke trustworthiness and professionalism.

If your company is in the business of extreme sports equipment, your logo should be adventurous, dynamic, and not too serious.

A logo is like the cover of a book, and most customers tend to judge the company by its appearance.

Professional but affordable

One of the main problems faced by businesses is maintaining a steady stream of finance. Whether it's a start-up or rebranding to increase revenue, profits aren't always guaranteed and overspending can cost you everything.

Therefore, instead of hiring professional designers for high fees, you can take advantage of the Internet and online software to design your own logo. Or you can contact Banoca's professional logo designers for consultation and logo design in the right price for your business.

Make your logo unique

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In this era when the market is gradually saturated, between thousands of businesses trading the same item, it is very difficult for customers to recognize your brand if you have nothing outstanding.

If you start your business with a simple design based on familiar images such as a light bulb or a lightning bolt, you will be overshadowed by other competitors.

So to impress potential customers, make sure your logo is unique, which means its design must be based on creative and fresh elements, so you are new. stand out from the crowd of logos in the marketplace.

The first idea is not necessarily the last

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For small businesses, ideas can be valuable. They could be the start of a new product line, a key to success or a new philosophy for the company. Over time, these ideas will be developed gradually, until a final product is produced and then released to the market.

Logo design also needs to be run by that process, although in reality many business owners prefer to stick with a design they like from the get-go.

Everyone's creative process is different, but one thing in common is that before they are ready, ideas need to be developed, changed, until they reach the most complete version. The best logos are usually the ones that start with a simple design and then gradually improve to become more perfect, more attractive.

If you want to design your own logo, Get in touch with Banoca. We have professional staff and all the tools needed to help small businesses create a unique, outstanding logo that effectively conveys the brand's core values and messages to customers.