Revealing 6 unique and impressive 2019 logo design trends

Logo design trends 2019 Many people are interested in because the design style is changing towards simplicity but still has the most modern and luxurious style.

With today's 4.0 technology, designing a logo to keep up with the trends is essential for designers.

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Logo design trends 2019 include what?

Use bright colors in the design

Over the past few years the use of bright colors has always been a leading factor in design. A logo using bright colors not only helps businesses deliver the messages they want to talk about, but it also captures the customer's emotions when looking.

 The interwoven colors will make your brand stand out from the competition. This can be considered as this 2019 trend factor.

design trend 2019

Gradients color selected in the design

Surely you know Instagram has changed its color of identity in the design to surprise many people. A simple design but attracts many people.

Gradients really love many customers, this is a design trend in 2019.

design trend 2019 2

Metal logo design trend

Nowadays, many jewelry brands use this logo design. Not only creating breakthroughs in creativity, but it also shows the superiority of the service brought to customers. The shiny metal effect makes the product more refined but stands out from competitors in the same field.

Design trend 2019 3

Geometric logo design trends

Geometry is one of the trends that are interested in many people, because each cube will have a certain meaning, for example, circle represents eternity, square represents stability.

In logo design, there will be different shapes and sizes, so the designer needs to align with the layout and identity on the best products.

Whether you design in 3D or flat, you need to show the best message you want to convey to your customers.

design trend 20195

Minimalistic logo design style

A logo that is minimalistic but still meaningful is one of the new trends that many people are interested in. Many businesses today are aiming for this design, it both helps brand identity products when printing easily.

Direction-style-style-logo-to -i-5

Creative font logo trend

Creative typefaces are a hot trend in this year. You can use the logo or not when combined with this typeface will give you an impressive, unique logo. Brand names will be stylized in the most appropriate way.


Above are the trends logo design 2019 is currently being interested by many people. If you are in need of logo design for your business, let Banoca help you with this.


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