6 Unique and Impressive Logo Design Trends in 2019

The 2019 logo design trend is attracting a lot of attention because the design style is increasingly changing towards simplicity but still carrying the most modern and luxurious style.

With today's 4th engineering technology and new luxury style in mind it’s essential not only do you keep up with what people want now but also understand how they'll respond tomorrow when designing your brand identity!

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Logo design trends 2019

Using bright colors

Over the past few years, bright colors have been a leading factor in design. A logo using these vibrant hues not only helps businesses deliver their messages but also captures customer's emotions when seeing it.

 The interwoven patterns will make your brand stand out from all of its competitors. This can be considered as a 2019 trend for sure!

design trend 2019

Color gradients

Instagram has changed its color of identity in the design to surprise many people.

A simple but attractive gradient is used as a trend for 2019!

design trend 2019 2

Metallic logo design trend

With this logo design, many jewelry brands are able to stand out from the competition. Not only do they create breakthroughs in creativity with it but also show off their superior service by using a shiny metal effect that makes them more refined and elegant than other competitors.

Design trend 2019 3

Geometric logos

People are interested in geometric designs, because each shape has meaning. For example eternity is represented by circles and stability by squares. To align layout on products, designers should choose shapes that match their brand identity.

Geometry can be one of many trends for any company - it really depends what they want to specialize in! Designers need appropriate colors/shapes when designing logos so customers will know who's product you're selling without having too much branding information clashing together or being misleading about how your business works.

Designing in 3D or flat, you need to show the best message that will resonate with your customers.

design trend 20195

Minimalist logo

The latest trend in design is to have a minimalist logo that still has meaning. This makes it easy for companies when they need to print something quickly, as opposed to others where there can be too much going on at once and clutter your vision of what you want the final product look like.

Some people might think minimalist logos are boring or uninteresting but this isn't always true! Light colors will be used to help focus attention on the message without being distracting

Direction-style-style-logo-to -i-5

Using creative font

Creative typefaces are a hot trend this year. Combining these fonts will give you an impressive, unique look for your brand name! Brands are stylized in ways that best suit them - don't be afraid to experiment!

The design logo, trends for 2019 are being eagerly awaited. If you want a fresh, new perspective on your business's branding needs - Banoca can help!