Design logo nail shop - Level to promote sales 100%

Nail shop logo design is one of the hot trends in 2019. With the current beauty needs, many nail salons are sprouting up to meet.

Logo design for the restaurant is essential because this is the brand image for the restaurant, helping customers to trust more by the professionalism from image to service quality.

Simple nail salon logo

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Why do you need nail salon logo design


To let customers know about their services, the first step is to build the image that is the logo. This is an important factor to help customers easily remember their brand name better.

In addition, it also helps you to promote your services to many groups of customers, especially women.

A professional logo template with a unique brand identity will make your shop different from competitors in the same industry.

Nail salon logo design

Procedure design logo, nail salon in Banoca

Step 1: Receive information, request customers via email, zalo about desired design.

Step 2: Exchanging and consulting the designs to suit your brand.

Step 3: Banoca will carry out a paper sketch of a number of logo templates to send to customers to choose from.

Step 4: After closing the most satisfactory plan. Banoca Will proceed to the machine to match the color to bring the final product to the customer.

Step 5: Send all original files including PNG, JPG files and logo standards set to the client.Blue nail logo


The difference when designing logo of nail shop in Banoca

  • Design products at Banoca are always distinctive and unique. You won't be able to find experienced units like Banoca anywhere.
  • Experienced design team graduated from the top specialized schools in Vietnam.
  • Quick design time is no more than 3 working days
  • Unlimited product modification, ensuring product satisfaction, commitment to 100% brand protection.

Nail bar logo

Do not hesitate any longer without contacting immediately Banoca. Don't let customers go to competitors just because your brand identity is less professional.