Designing Logo For Feng Shui Water Element Person

Do you know when designing logo for the Water Element person, you need to pay attention to some important factors? To help you understand and design yourself a suitable logo, join Banoca to learn the rules and important elements when designing!

The basic elements of feng shui logo design

Feng Shui Logo Design

  • Culturally appropriate (not offensive)
  • Contains company photos and messages
  • Create a strong attraction, attention to the user
  • Pleasant, harmonious color when looking at the product
  • Unique design makes a difference
  • Can use many different products and services
  • Balance in terms of feng-shui (similarity)

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Principles of designing a logo for the Water Element


To design logo, the first thing is to choose the right color for your destiny. Some colors are compatible with par Thuy Thuy such as white, yellow, iridescent.

You can also choose colors according to your destiny when designing such as blue, black.

One thing to note when designing should avoid similar colors such as brown earth, oranges (Tho Khac Thuy).

In addition, many people often say "dual water, Thanh Giang". This means that when we combine Ocean Water and Yin Water together, we will create the strength for people who are destined to water. However, not everyone knows the other side when combining Yin and Yang water will make "dual water, water masterpiece". So we need to combine colors in the most harmonious way.

Do not use too many colors as it will make it difficult to machine or print products on different materials.

Do you want to design a logo according to feng shui?

Icon when designing logo for the destiny of Thuy

Icons in logo design

For those who are destined to be, the wavy shapes, zigzags or meandering shapes will create a soft image and relate to their destiny.

Also you can use some related symbols such as water drops, river, stream, fountain ...

Some marinades can use the circle or oval symbols of the needle to add support.

For people of the water network, it is recommended to use cubes suitable for water travel such as wavy shapes, zigzags or meandering shapes. You can also use water-shaped icons, river, stream, pond, lake, water drop, cloud, mirror, glass, fountain, aquarium, or ripples. Some of the keels can use the circles or oval of the keel to complement them.

Above are some notes when designing a logo for the destiny of Thuy. To own yourself one a nice Feng Shui logo and most unique. Please contact us immediately Banoca. We will consult and design for you the most exclusive and beautiful logo designs.

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