Design Logo For Feng Shui Fire Element Person

Design Logo For Feng Shui Fire Element Person is it really hard? Because when it comes to fire, people often think of a person with a hot temper. So how colors and symbols when designing the logo accordingly, let's learn some important elements in designing a logo for the Martian people.

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Fire personality when designing the logo?

Design Logo For Feng Shui Fire Element Person

You want to own a logo of feng shui fate

Fire people are often likened to flames or the sun because it creates a warm space. Therefore, those who are destined to Fire also have advantages and disadvantages:


Fire people have a brave personality, they dare take risks and take all risks to achieve success. At work, they always know how to take the initiative in their work.

The Martians have a very creative mind and extremely good leadership.

With their quick thinking, they can do amazing creative jobs. In addition, they also have a talent for speaking in front of a crowd.


For business owners who are destined to be Hoa, they often have a somewhat rigid management style, in the way they talk can make the listener vulnerable. Because of this, at work it is easy to create stress for other colleagues.

Career develops very quickly, but due to too much ambition, it is easy to meet major failures.

So to limit these problems, business owners need design logo, For people who are destined to follow feng shui, they will help their work and career be better.

Color logo design for the destiny of Fire Element

Color logo design for the destiny of Fire Element

Design logo following the law of feng shui

The main destiny colors are red, purple, orange or vibrant hot-color games.

The red color will help bring energy and power to create business innovations and breakthroughs. However, it is necessary to know how to use it properly or it will be unlucky.

Orange color creates an energy source that helps Martians feel comfortable in communication. This is also the bow "fame" in accordance with his personality.

You can also choose colors that are compatible with your destiny such as green, green (firewood).

Logo design icon for Fire Element

The most commonly used symbols are triangles, fire ... will create sustainable development and burning passion.

A small note is that when using the symbol of Fire, it is important to avoid sharp corners pointing directly to the main logo of the logo or company name. This will create a feeling of insecurity and discomfort for the viewer.

Above are some important points to note when designing a logo for the Martian. If you want to own yourself one a nice Feng Shui logo feng shui. Please contact us immediately Banoca. We will advise and design for you a unique and classiest logo.

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