Designing Logo For The Feng Shui Metal Element

Logo design for the feng shui Currently, many business owners are also interested in. This can be seen as the face when building a brand for customers. Therefore, color in logo design is also quite important.

So how do you attract more fortune and luck in business? With the right logo, it is possible. Let's find out through this article by Banoca!

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Brief personality of the metal element person

Those who are destined to always know how to arrange work in an effective and scientific way. Their confidence in all situations is something to be admired. The way they always keep their stance and don't back down shows incredible strength of character- it's an impressive quality any employer would want for themselves or anyone else!

They know how to be in charge and control themselves in conflicts.

In addition, with the leader mindset, they always look forward. Therefore, their career path is always thriving.

However, they have some disadvantages: they always take themselves too seriously. They usually have a stubborn personality , making it difficult to get along with everyone.

That is why to help people who are destined to be able to develop their careers design logo, For people who are destined to follow feng shui is essential when building a company.

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Design logo for feng shui alloy people

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Color in logo design for metal element person

According to the feng shui of the five elements, the earth is born, the metal is born. So that you can choose the colors of the three earths combined to design the logo in the best way.

In addition, the metal element people often use bright tones like white. Also can be combined with yellow Because this is the color of the earth it will help bring luck to the home owner.

Do not use tones like red or orange because this is the color of the fire element (incompatible).

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Icon in logo design for metal element person

Commonly used symbols are curves or shapes semicircle or circular icons. It helps to attract wealth and bring luck to the business.

However, there are some special notes for those who are destined to find the sword - you can use a little color of fire and Water For a sword that wants to be shiny and sharp requires going through the heat of the pick and the coldness of the water. So some designers suggest that you can use these two colors in logo design.

The above are a few tips when designing a logo for the Feng Shui metal element person. If you want to own yourself a a nice Feng Shui logo . Please contact Banoca for the best advice and support offline.

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