How Much Does Logo Design Cost?

Logo is one of the most important parts of your business. It should represent what you do and how it looks, which can be tough with so many companies vying for their attention these days! To find out if a cheap price means good quality or not, keep reading this article about logos from professional designers who have lots of experience working on them at all levels.

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Logo design pricing

There is no such thing as a set-price for logo design, and it all depends on what you need. If your company needs an affordable option with quick turnaround time then we recommend our 10 dollar deal!

But if they want something more than just simple graphics then prices can range anywhere from $10 up to hundreds of thousands depending upon the size and complexity of their project.

You can even design your own logo with freely available software.

How Much Does Logo Design Cost?


How much does the logo design cost?

Why do some companies pay millions for their logo design?

Designing the logo is like painting. If it's a unique and distinctive work, then maybe millions or nothin' if your product doesn't develop its brand.

Logo is the face of the business that determines the development of the company as well as converging what is the most quintessential of the company when customers look at it.

Before you design your logo, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much money do you want to spend?
  • What are your requirements?
  • Do you have any idea?
  • Are you looking for a professional designer or freelance designer?
How much does logo design cost?


A logo is an essential part of your business, and you need to find the right design for it. If professional companies are involved in this process they will not charge by quote but instead depending on certain criteria like size or required features.

Beware! Brokers who offer “design pricing” can easily fool consumers into paying more than what they should because there's no way for them to know exactly how much something costs without knowing any details about their project before getting to work. For example if somebody sends over some pictures along with explaining what he wants done then all bets could be off.

Some famous brands in Vietnam such as Vietcombank, Techcombank, VinGroup, Coninco, Viettel... spend much on their logo design. These unique logo designs were created by experienced graphic designers using their extensive knowledge in marketing channels like social media or online communities which help grow your company over time while also protecting it from competitors' plagiarism attempts! These logos are worth hundreds of thousands, because the design team knows how to research and come up with creative ideas. You're probably wondering why just one logo is so expensive?

Why good logo designs are not cheap

Searching on Google for the keyword "logo design price" will give you some results like: "Design a professional logo with the price of 500,000 VND".

At this price point, the quality cannot be guaranteed. Design takes time and effort to conceptualize as well as complete a product so it will have different prices for each specific project.

What is the mid-range price?

For professional logo design companies, the price of a service package depends entirely on your requirements because it can be tailored to meet those needs. The more complex or customized an idea is for your brand's look and feel -the higher cost will likely go up as well.

To create a logo that is both professional and distinctive, it's important to ensure you follow this workflow:

  • Meet with customers to get information, design requirements and desires.
  • The team of artists comes up with ideas, sketches and offers a number of products for you to choose from.
  • Edit according to the final customer final option.
  • Mix colors and deliver the final product to the customer.

If you choose a cheap logo design service, the above process will be cut down to shorten time and costs.

How much does logo design cost?


Here are some options for you!

DIY design

Advantages: You can use some websites for a relatively cheap cost to design a simple logo because there are already templates on it, you just need to fill in some information and it will create a logo for you. .

Cons: Duplicate products, no creative ideas, easy to mislead the brand.

Cheap logo design services

Advantages: The price of the designed product is quite cheap, only from 500-1 million. Product of the day is complete.

Cons: Not much investment in creative ideas, not methodical design process. Take the quantity to compensate the quality.

Cheap logo design

Design agency


  • Get professional design advice, unique and professional products.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition by doing market research.
  • Long-term brand positioning.
  • Brand consulting helps the company develop strongly.
  • Customer-specific projects.

You will feel satisfied with the money you spend.. When you work with design agencies, they'll help build your brand and not just create logos for companies-- this is often the choice of savvy business owners who want to ensure their company has longevity in today's economy.

Cons: The price is high, from a few million VNĐ to several hundred million VNĐ.

You will find that when working with them is worth every penny, this is often the choice of the wise business owner, they want to build a comprehensive brand, not just a company logo.

Factors affecting logo design pricing

Reputation and professionalism

designing logo:

An experienced design agency will show you their representative projects.

Types of work

Depending on your requirements. If it's a logo symbol, the price will be lower than when you design the logo with the slogan, the brand name,etc.

Ideas and modifications

A professional company can give you more than one idea. The higher-priced companies will have better quality products, because these are the best of what was passed through their selection process when bringing items in for customers' consideration.

Modifications from a complete design would be easy for them as long as they've done some preliminary studies on your organization beforehand - this way it won't require much adjustment at all!

Now that you've got your decision to hire a cheap company or a professional one!

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