How much does the logo design cost

"Cheap logo design"Or"Logo design how much money"Are the questions that quite a lot of customers are looking for." So with cheap price whether your product can meet the requirements that you give. Let's find out the true value of a professional logo through this article before making a decision to choose for yourself a logo design unit for your company.

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How much does logo design cost?

Currently searching for keywords "Cheap logo design" You will find thousands of search results with amazingly priced designs ranging from 500k-1tr. This is really a price that many people want to make. However, behind that valuable truth, will we have a logo like that?

Logo design is a creative service so it does not have a fixed price, depending on the requirements and wants of the customer. In the world, logo design services with value from 10$ for fast design on available websites or hundreds of thousands for big brands and want to develop strongly today.

You can even design your own logo with freely available software.

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How much does the logo design cost?

Why is there a logo design company up to the million?

Designing the logo is like painting. If it is a unique and distinctive work it could be worth millions or not a penny if the product does not develop its brand.

Logo is the face of the business that determines the development of the company as well as converging what is the most quintessential of the company when customers look at it.

To avoid unnecessary risks before you design your logo anywhere, answer yourself some questions?

  • How much money do you want to invest in logo design?
  • What are your requirements and wishes?
  • Do you have an idea?
  • Are you looking for a professional designer or freelance designer?

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logo design how much money

You should know that for professional design companies and graphic experts, the "logo design quote" does not exist in their service.

Only design brokers or amateurs have such detailed pricing.

What are some famous brands in Vietnam when designing logos with such terrible prices?

Vietcombank, Techcombank, VinGroup, Coninco, Viettel ... ..

These are unique logo designs that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, because the design team has researched the market as well as came up with creative ideas that help the brand grow in the longest term. Surely you will wonder why just one logo is so expensive?

Why quality logos are not cheap

When you search on Google for the keyword:

"1 logo design price, logo design quotation, company logo design price ..." will give you some results such as: "Design a professional logo with the price of 500,000 VND".

At this price point your product cannot guarantee quality. Because design takes a while to conceptualize as well as complete a product. So it will have different prices for each specific project.

How much does the average logo design cost?

For professional logo design companies, the price of a logo service package is almost no fixed price because it depends on the requirements and the development direction of the brand.

To create a professional and distinctive logo requires a specific workflow:

  • Meet with customers to understand information, request desired design.
  • A team of artists who come up with ideas, outline and offer some products for you to choose from.
  • Edit according to the final customer final option.
  • Color scheme and render product final to the customer.

With cheap logo design companies, the above process will be cut down to shorten time and costs.

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Several custom logo design options for you!


Advantages: You can use a number of websites at a fairly cheap cost to design a simple logo because on which there are already templates, you just need to fill in some information to create a logo for you.

Defect: Products are duplicated, have no creative ideas, are misleading to the brand.

Cheap design company

Advantages: Design product price is quite cheap only from 500-1 million. Product of the day is complete.

Defect: Do not invest much in creative ideas, not methodical design process. Get the quantity of quality compensation.

Professional logo design company


  • OK advisory methodical design, unique and professional products.
  • Create the different compared to competitors due to market research.
  • Long-term brand positioning.
  • Brand consulting helps the company develop the most powerful.
  • Customer-specific design projects

You will feel satisfied with the money you spend by the professionalism when designing.

Cons: Logo design price is not cheap, from a few million to a hundred million for big brands.

You will find that when working with them is worth every penny, this is often the choice of the wise business owner, they want to build a comprehensive brand, not just a company logo.

Factors affecting logo design price

Reputation and professionalism

An experienced design agency will show you famous logo projects.

Type of work

Depending on your requirements. If you design only one logo, the price will be cheaper when you design the logo with the slogan, name the brand ....

Ideas and modifications

Professional companies will give you 2-5 ideas which means this, the higher the price. Because these are the best quality products that have passed the selection when bringing products to customers.

Modifications to a complete design are easy. A professional company will rarely have to modify because when it comes to product, they already have a careful study of your products and services.

At this point, you should have chosen for yourself a decision to hire a cheap or professional company to design it!

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