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Hotel logo design The service is being searched quite a lot on Google. Therefore, each hotel will have a different design and identity. A prominent and luxurious logo will help that hotel brand be known by many people while also increasing sales. So hotel logo design needs to highlight its brand as well as its services in the best way.

This article Banoca will help you to understand the important factors when designing a beautiful, impressive logo with customers.

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The importance of hotel logo design

Image is the highlight easy to attract and remember the most. So to create the deepest impression on customers' mind, the logo must be unique, beautiful and easy to remember. In addition, it must be modern and luxurious.

A simple, sophisticated logo will bring more impressive results when creating a product that is too sophisticated and monumental.

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Some notes when designing hotel logos

1.Logo, image

Some symbols such as lotus, swan ... are often used because it creates elegance and elegance for the hotel. So when designing, priority should be given to the most attractive and unique images.

Alternatively you can use some pictures of beautiful sights or landmarks to help show the style of your hotel. With these images you just need to stylize it into a unique icon.

One thing to notice when logo design Your hotel needs to show luxury and comfort when customers look at your brand.


Some commonly used colors such as black, brown, red, yellow ... because the design will show the solemnity and professionalism.

Black, gray, brown: Create class and courtesy

Red: Bring you luck, prosperity. A thoughtful and conscientious feeling of the hotel.

Yellow: Creates a feeling of nobility, royalty. When you design a logo using gold color, it will give customers a completely different level.

A sample Beautiful logo design, unique will help the hotel brand to be more popular. If you are looking for a professional logo design unit. Let Banoca help you with this. We will give you the most impressive and classy product.

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