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Real estate logo design is one of the most searched keywords today. The demand for housing is being concerned by many people because settling in is just starting a career. With the growing economic development, the need to choose a beautiful apartment for themselves is what many people want.

Grasping this, many real estate companies have been established to provide customers with the most beautiful and luxurious apartments that suit their pocket.

So how do customers know the company's brand? Logo design is the solution to help you reach customers quickly.

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Why should you design real estate logos?

Real estate logos

To develop its brand, it is necessary to build an image in the eyes of customers. Logo is the solution to help you connect with customers. A beautiful, impressive logo will help customers remember their brand more easily. In addition, it also helps you to best market your products and services.

A professional logo will create trust in the eyes of customers. You can see famous brands like “Pico, Tran Anh, The Gioi Di Dong…” they all have logos. Just mentioning the name is that the user knows what they are offering, what product.

In addition, real estate logo also helps to improve sales in the best way. Unique, professional image will help you reach customers easily.

Do you want to design a Feng Shui logo?


RealtyQuest Saigon Logo

4 notes when designing real estate logos you need to know!

Real estate logos need to show sustainability

Real estate logo design

When it comes to real estate, people often think of sustainability, so your logo needs to show the strength and development. Because this is the face image of the business itself. The lines need to be solid, avoiding the use of soft curves, weak shapes will not create a true logo for your real estate industry.

Avoid using familiar symbols that are often used

Some symbols that people often use such as roofs, houses ... because these factors will make your logo overlap with other competitors, not making a difference for yourself.

Try to combine some shapes like triangle, box, key ... to make a difference with your brand name. In addition, you can stylize the text to create your own unique features.

Choose the right color feng shui

Real estate company logo

Depending on the destiny of the business owner, choose the right color. Some of the colors commonly used in real estate logos are: blue, silver, gold, black and brown.

Logo shows the aesthetics and identity of the business

To create customer attraction, when design logo, For real estate, you need to show the different elements of the image as well as the layout that help convey the message that the business wants to target to customers. A unique, sophisticated logo will make it easier for customers to remember them than competitors in the same industry.
Above are the basic elements when designing real estate logos that you need to know. To help you save time and own an impressive and professional logo for yourself Banoca help you with this!

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