Design Logo For The Feng Shui Wood Element

Design Logo For The Feng Shui Wood Element Many business owners are interested in, because according to feng shui when designing a product, it's the destiny that will help the business become more favorable.

So for the carpenter, I need to design the logo accordingly. Let's take a look at some important factors related to koi!

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Personality of the Feng Shui Wood Element

The carpenter is often known for her personality agile, has a fairly coherent, calm mindset. Its nature is rustic, so it often changes irregular, hot time, cold time.

However, the strength of the carpenters is their enthusiasm and enthusiasm at work. Willing to overcome all challenges to achieve your goals.

The main weakness is the dry and straightforward. Therefore, it is difficult to win the hearts of many people.

In business, the fateful business owners always overcome everything hard.

Because of this, we can help the village to grow and meet lucky then the choice of logo design according to feng shui is essential.

Feng shui logo design

Logo design tips for the Feng Shui Wood Element

Follow the law of the five elements

Any business in any field, the compliance with the five elements is essential. When designing a logo you also need to be aware of this.

The ancients used to say " bohemian Thanh Lam"And" bohemian, carpentry". This is the implication that for the best possible development, trees often need to be combined to form a large forest.

So need to follow the law of the five elements to create the best product. If you are a business owner, it is positive when designing the logo to follow the negative. According to the law of yin and yang complement each other. From there you will know which colors and symbols suit your destiny.

Design Logo For The Feng Shui Wood Element

Color in logo design for the Feng Shui Wood Element people

Mo Moc often uses colors such as greengreen.. or choose from similar colors like navy blue or dark blue. Especially green is most often used by many people because it makes the viewer feel comfortable. In addition, it also shows strong development.

You should also avoid using colors such as white, as it is a clear metal design logo, mine.

Feng Shui

Symbol in logo design for the Feng Shui Wood Element people

The most commonly used shape in logo design is cylinder, rectangle or green tree image ...

Avoid using shapes such as circles and ovals when designing.

Beautiful feng shui logo design

Above are some things to pay attention to when designing a logo for the carpenter. To help you get one a nice Feng Shui logo and meaning please contact Banoca We will advise you on a logo that best suits your destiny to help develop your company's brand to a new level. Hotline: 091.129.5102