Hospital and Medical Logo Design

Currently there are quite a few hospital logo design assessed for design quality as well as creativity but still retains the most distinctive features of the industry. Designing a hospital or health logo is not simple because it needs to convey the message that its industry or service is operating.

Previously, almost hospitals and clinics did not pay attention to this because they didn't think about building their own brand. Therefore, the previous hospital logo designs are outdated or no longer suitable for the development of the service.

It is because of this that service companies design logo, was born to help businesses have a new face consistent with the current economic development.

So what are the factors that help create an outstanding and relevant hospital and medical logo. Here are 5 elements to help you get a logo that is right for your industry.

Medical logos

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Choosing a symbol

Medical hospital logo design

The selection of an icon fit When it comes to designing a hospital logo is quite important. Some symbols are specific to the industry such as heart, red cross ... or some icons related to the medical industry. Icons will help you convey the right message to your customers.


Color is the second most important factor. Some of the colors that are commonly used in medical logos are blue, red, and green because it is associated with tranquility and cleanliness. These colors will often help create attention as well as talking about areas related to your profession being better.


Dental logo

When designing a logo font is also important, it helps the client easy to read. Conventional modern, stylized font styles are not applicable to this domain.

You should choose a rounded, easy-to-see typeface style.

Logo style


Depending on each medical profession, you can choose a logo style fit. When designing a hospital logo, you should choose the template that has the overall meaning of your medical facility.

Do not use too many complicated details because it will distract the viewer. Create your own logo in the cleanest and simplest way.

Medical hospital logo

Easy to remember

When designing the logo, make it real impressive and easiest to remember. There are many ways to help create a unique logo that is still relevant to your service. It's as simple as if you use a heart image for your logo, edit it and make it stand out and get everyone's attention.


Hospital logo

A professional hospital logo design will interesting and unique in the eyes of customers. With the current economic development, the professional logo design will help build the image of your medical facility better, especially in the field of health care.

Above are the elements that help you design the most suitable and different hospital logo. To get a a nice Feng Shui logo Please contact BanocaWe will advise you in the best way.