50+ classy school logo designs not to be missed

Logo School is considered as the "facade" of the school, so it has a very important position, especially for Vietnam, education is always a field that many people appreciate, because of human goals. literature and sublime is to bring knowledge to people. However, like other professions, schools and educational institutions must always strive to build their image and reputation, through specific business strategies. In fact, branding for educational institutions, whether at the academic level or just nighttime exam preparation centers, is the same. In general, most schools already have their own mascots, slogans and colors. All they need, is a striking logo that ties all of those elements together.

Fortunately, you don't have to be a prestigious school to have a high-quality school logo. Even if you are a local preschool, a vocational training center or a start-up education company, you always need to have an impressive school logo to promote what you are doing. and through that logo, get people excited to sign up, buy a course, or learn more about you.

In this article, we will take a look at the logos of some typical schools and educational institutions. These designs are analyzed to see why they became outstanding or impressive then draw tips on how you can apply them yourself in your own designs without any design experience! We'll also teach those who don't have much knowledge about designing an attractive logo that could bring out thousand dollar savings from custom graphics firms for just one hundred dollars!.

Top 10 unique and impressive school logo templates for education and schools

You will learn about the logos that have made a name for schools and businesses in education, from billion-dollar universities to small educational centers. You'll also get insight on factors such as branding strategies which contributed positively towards their success!

1. Notre Dame University

notre dame university logo

Notre Dame's logo is not only on the list of famous logos in the education industry but it is also one of the most famous logos in the field of logo design in general. While this is not an official badge or mascot logo, the legendary "ND" remains one of the most recognizable symbols of the school.

In logo design, symbols that take the first letters of each word, and then link them together, will be called monograms. This style is much more classy and sophisticated than graphic logos, especially when we use serif fonts as is the case with the Notre Dame school logo. At the same time, the monogram logo allows you to unleash your creativity and possibly create fun graphics, making your design a great blend of impromptu style and serious, professional style.

In addition, one of the unique features of the Notre Dame logo is the alternation of primary and secondary colors: sometimes the lettering is yellow with a blue border, sometimes the lettering is blue with a gold border. However, no matter how they change, they still use these 2 blue and yellow colors as the main colors for every design, because color consistency is an extremely important factor contributing to the construction. build brand identity.

The lesson we can learn here, is to create two or more different logo variations, by mixing different colors and placing them in different positions, thereby choosing the right design. merge for your logo.

2. Peak Education

logo peak education

Peak Education is a tutoring center for high school students and they have built a strong brand image.

First of all, the letter P represents the image of a mountain, but looking at the mountain, people will immediately think of the top of the mountain, which also means peak in English - symbolizing the name of the school. This visual pun makes your brand name instantly recognizable, in other words people will easily remember your brand as soon as they see the logo.

The mountain itself is also very well designed. While it is simply a neatly trimmed triangle, the use of color and the way it is connected to the body of the letter P creates a rather interesting and pleasing image. In addition, the use of gradient style with the perfect combination of purple and blue also contributes to a particularly attractive effect.

Finally, the A in the name is written in bright pink which, once again, demonstrates the designer's excellent use of color. The appearance of pink not only goes well with dark blue and purple, but also makes the overall logo more vivid and impressive.

3. Origin Code Academy

logo origin code academy

Similar to how Peak Education uses the image of a mountain in its logo, Origin Code Academy also uses symbols related to the brand image to create the logo – but on a higher level.

For schools specializing in a particular field or education companies, it is essential to communicate their expertise from the moment the viewer sees the logo. Future programmers – those interested in coding schools – will immediately recognize the character encoding symbol in the logo, a highlight so obvious that they are immediately drawn to them.

But that is still not enough to create an impressive visual effect for the logo. And Origin Code Academy cleverly combined this coding symbol with another education-related icon, juxtaposing it into the image of a bachelor's hat often worn at graduation. Thanks to that, the logo conveyed all the necessary information to the viewer but in an interesting way, that we are a school of coding, remember us when you want to take the courses about coding.

4. Duolingo

duolingo logo

Besides the traditional education field, online foreign language learning applications are gradually being trusted by people because of their convenience. Whether you intend to study seriously or just look at it occasionally when you have time, you can learn a foreign language anytime, anywhere. And one of the oldest and most popular applications today, is Duolingo, with an icon image of a green owl. This icon is extremely popular and for a time it became a fashion meme that went viral on social media.

The Duolingo brand wanted to bridge the gap between education and technology, and thanks to the carefully designed owl logo, they easily achieved that goal. Talking about technology, the "flat design" style is still in line with modern design trends and is not inferior to other competitors. And the use of the image of an owl - a symbol of wisdom and wisdom, completely ensures the criteria of a logo related to the field of education.

Pay extra attention to the bright colors and big eyes of the bird, which make the logo more playful, reducing the seriousness and pressure of studying. As a result, this application will attract many young customers, such as gamers or amateur English learners. This is also the main customer file that Duolingo wants to target.

5. The Smith School

the smith school logo

The Smith School is a private school located in New York City, small in size and with an investment budget far behind international universities. However, this does not affect the fact that they have a high-quality and outstanding logo.

First of all, the logo is created from the effect of circles and curves in graphic design. Curves are more aesthetically pleasing and appealing than straight lines, so circular logos exude warmth and are more user-friendly. The main colors are gentle pastel colors which also play a big part in this effect, giving the impression that this is a very peaceful and peaceful school. Not only that, the circles also create shapes that represent the sunrise and the leaves. These are elements that come from nature, are close, easy to access, and at the same time evoke a deep meaning hidden in the logo, which is the development of oneself, through the simile image of development. of plants every time a new day begins.

6. Baton Rouge International School

logo baton rouge international school

Another good example of the use of featured images, the Baton Rouge International School logo features a globe, to represent its desire to spread its system around the world. In addition, the use of images of ribbons to result in a globe helps the logo to become more eye-catching, softer, and brings impressive visual effects.

The use of color is also worth mentioning here, as the logo consists of a range of bright colors (ideal for a child audience), but the dominant color is light blue, A popular choice that helps brands build a trustworthy, reputable image. They also add a nice sparkle to the graphics by giving depth to the shape of the globe so that the logo doesn't look dry and boring.

It is also important to note that the words “Baton Rouge” have been grayed out for the background and draw attention to the words “International School”. It is one of the key techniques of logo design companies to emphasize the importance of the words they want to impress.

7. From Sounds to Spelling

logo from sounds to spelling

From Sounds to Spelling is a school specializing in reading and pronunciation skills (this information has been carefully incorporated into the logo, so that those who have just seen the logo will immediately recognize the school's expertise). what).

This school uses many of the elements that have made many logos successful in the education sector, such as trees, children and bright colors. Indeed, look at how they use two different shades of green, and combine it with dark gray/light black, it's really subtle and visually stimulating. with the viewer.

However, the new icons are the most important factor contributing to the success of the logo. Attaching letters to the tree representing the leaves, with the image of children playing below, we clearly feel that this school is helping children practice reading skills, and learning. Practice making them happy. In this case, the logo has done its job very well, which is to send meaningful messages of the business to the audience.

8. Advanced Trainings

logo advanced trainings

This is another good example of introducing the subject that the school teaches right in the logo. Advanced Training is a training facility for future massage therapists that includes both on-site practical lessons and online courses.

The hand symbol, which symbolizes the massage profession, is cleverly and artistically integrated into the logo. As we mentioned above, curves have the effect of drawing the viewer in, and the spiral shape helps culminate this effect with an almost hypnotic presentation.

The hand image, on the other hand, is made up of small circles, which adds a playful and user-friendly aspect. The use of warm colors (yellow and orange) further enhances that effect, creating a perfect whole for the design.9.

9. The Outdoor

the outdoor school logo

Color plays a very important role in school logos, and if you are targeting younger students, take advantage of a variety of colors. The Outdoor seems to understand this very well, look at their logo, you will see the leaves of all colors in the rainbow, along with the text at the bottom of the logo, also filled with color.

This logo is quite similar to the logo of From Sounds to Spelling that we analyzed above. Both use the most popular and effective methods when it comes to logo design for the education sector, which is the symbolism of trees and children, as well as applying bright colors to a dark shade of trees. .

The big difference is in the combination of colors, and The Outdoor's logo is considered a little better by us. The diverse colors of leaves are not only a factor that brings a feeling of comfort to the eyes, but it also gives the brand a very pleasant and comfortable appearance, suitable to the tastes of the target audience. The main products are children and parents. In addition, adding color to the gowns and bows on the babies' shadows makes the details stand out and attract the eye, instead of letting them sink completely and disappear into the background.

10. Texas University

texas university logo

Finally, we would like to mention the logo of the University of Texas. It looks simple at first glance, but it is this simplicity and simplicity that is one of the factors that make the logo successful.

The longhorn bull is the perfect mascot representing the University of Texas sports team, the Longhorns. In addition, based on the image of cowboys and cattle - a part of Texas culture, the choice of logo with an avatar of a cow will automatically attract many Texans to apply. go to school.

Some would argue that using a single color makes the logo look dull, but it's actually a smart move since they used the dominant color representing the school. Especially for schools with close ties to sports like the University of Texas, bringing together students and alumni is essential. The image of all wearing a certain outfit or accessory (clothes, hats, shoes, etc.) with the school's typical colors will help raise the spirit of solidarity and make them become a unified whole.

How to design your own school or education logo: 6 tips from the experts

Looking through the 10 typical logos mentioned above, what lessons have you learned? You can apply these logo design tips for yourself? You might found these 6 steps below helpful.

Use bright colors for children, soft colors for adults

If you're targeting children, using rainbows with lots of bright colors will make your school (or service) more cheerful. Young children always love to have fun, and that is also the concern of their parents/guardians who want their children to have fun while learning. That's why school logos that focus on young children often include lots of bright, soothing colors.

logos of Vietnamese universities

However, if the age of the students is older, then we cannot rely on the fun factor to attract customers anymore. If you're targeting adults, they'll be more concerned with quality, reliability, and capacity, and all of those elements will be best represented by darker, subdued colors. .

That's why you should always tailor your color scheme to best suit your target audience. Warm colors (red, orange, yellow) with bright shades are more effective in attracting younger students, while cool colors (light blue, dark blue, purple) are more suitable for students. mature. Likewise, children love a variety of colors, while adults prefer simpler logos containing only one or two colors.

Use shield and badge logos for authentic, believable visuals

Academies, especially universities, often have rich history and cultural traditions. Some schools even have a history older than the United States, such as Harvard University. History and tradition can be considered an extremely valuable strength if you want to hit certain target markets, such as those that put authenticity and reliability first.

school logo

Even if your school or business certainly didn't exist in the Middle Ages, you can still borrow these themes and images to give your brand a more classic and traditional look. For schools, the main badge is the best choice, as the first version of the logo was the badges mounted on wartime shields.

In addition, do not hesitate to be creative to make the logo look more fun and eye-catching. While real shields often use the symbolism of a sword or a bay leaf, you can update your designs with more modern overlays or even fancy cartoon drawings that work entertaining and amusing.

Use related icons

As mentioned above, related logos are an extremely important factor in the success of logos in the education industry. The purpose is to help convey the core identity of your business, so that when people see your logo, even for a second, immediately know who you are and what you do. This proves the truth of the adage: the use of images is 1000 times more effective than using words.

school logo design

In logo design, using familiar icons related to education, schools or fields of knowledge and wisdom in general will help customers easily associate and visualize the industry and brand image. your. While these symbols will vary across cultures and regions, some of the most commonly used symbols include:

  • Book
  • Learning tools
  • Owl
  • Bachelors hat
  • Pencil
  • Microscope

If people see an owl or a book in your logo, they automatically know that it has something to do with education. In short, icons will help users recognize your brand and field of activity in the blink of an eye, instead of having to add a lot of words to the logo to introduce yourself, so choose icons Wisely.

Use the tree symbol to represent growth

Another common image that education logos use is trees – not because they represent learning, but as a metaphor for growth.

Development and growth are at the heart of all education; Students start with a limited knowledge base and will have gained extensive knowledge by the end of the course. Instead of expressing this in words, the use of the tree symbolism conveys a similar message, but in a more poetic way.

school logo

In addition, from the tree icon, we can also embellish the image of children playing under the tree, like the two best educational logos above did. It is truly a poetic scene, evoking many emotions for the viewer. Not to mention the other artistic touches you can get creative with, like The Outdoor's rainbow leaves.

Use the image of the sports team's mascot

The sport marketing industry may sound unrelated to education, but for some schools, the two are closely linked. If you have a sports team that serves as the identity of your brand, you need to take full advantage of it, to build and strengthen the image of the school.

education logo

The best way to do this is to use the school sports team's mascot to design the logo. The University of Texas Longhorns logo is a prime example. On the one hand, the bull directly represents their team, from image to name (long horns means long horns). On the other hand, in terms of aesthetics, the majesty of the horns is very suitable for the aggressive spirit and willingness to attack of sports teams.

However, the logo isn't quite as fierce as most professional sports mascots. It is a simple cow, so it can still be applied to other fields. And by using orange as the school uniform color, they maintain the consistency of the brand, thereby successfully encouraging more new entrants to register as well as soliciting donations from veterans. pupil.

Insert an image that represents your specialty

If you are a school or a specialty service like l'Advanced Training or l'Origin Code Academy mentioned above, it is essential to make your major known. Other educational brands will probably work for the vast majority of people, but specialty schools have to work harder to reach and appeal to their own niche.

school logo

You can achieve this by adding text to your logo, but visual communication is much more effective. Like Origin Code Academy, try to cleverly combine the image of your major with the image of the education industry in general. For example, a carpentry school might use an image of a beaver wearing a bachelor's cap. This is your chance to get creative!

How to create a logo for the education sector?

Now that you have an idea of what an effective school logo should be, the question is how to make that happen. Basically, you have two choices: hire someone to design for you, or create it yourself. Both have their pros and cons, so let's break them down one by one.

Hire a professional design agency

Design agency know by heart all the tips, tricks and techniques we mentioned above, etc. When you hire a logo design company, whether they are freelance or working for a certain company, You take ownership of their expertise as well as their time.

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