50+ Unique Construction Company Logo Designs

Currently, there are quite a few construction companies established. So that needs Building company logo design many people are interested. To help develop brands and customers know about their services, the first thing is to design a professional and unique logo compared to other competitors.

However, not all business owners understand the importance of work design logo, build. Therefore, this article will help you get an overview of the meaning as well as the importance for the logo design to build like.

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The Power of Building Company Logo DesignConstruction company logo design

  • Logo helps the company become professional and impress the best customers.
  • Make a difference from competitors in the same industry
  • Branding methodically, creating trust with customers
  • Showing prestige, helping customers easily remember their service brand.

Main color in building logo design

  • For the construction field, some commonly used colors are:
  • Brown, red color helps to create sustainability and endure over time
  • Blue color creates trust with customers
  • Green makes it easy to think of a clean and friendly space.
  • Brown color helps to bring a sense of sustainability, confidence
  • Logos and images in building logo design

Mostly to help customers easily imagine construction services, the symbol that people often see is the house, the triangle, the brick shape ...

Icons in construction company logo design:

Building logo

For this field, designers should choose symbols associated with works and architecture such as houses, doors, roofs, etc. Customers looking at the logo can easily "visualize" your company's industry. This would be a great way to increase your brand awareness.


You should avoid fonts that are too soft and flexible. The construction industry will suit tough, definitive, "serious" fonts to bring a "solid" feeling like the works you bring to customers.

First impressions are very important, so pay attention to the appearance of your business and this will be most evident on the logo.

In general, all icons when designing must have consistency in layout as well as balanced images to help create icons. Beautiful logo template stand out in the eyes of customers.

Some Building logo template refer:

Construction Company

Color in construction logo design

Building logo

Construction company logo

Construction logo font

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